About Piana Nonwovens

our heritage

The Piana family began work in the textile business in 1582 in Biella, Italy. The family business evolved into dyeing fiber in 1950 for the traditional apparel business. In 1995, Tintoria Piana opened in Cartersville, GA to dye fiber for the American textile market again serving traditional textiles markets for apparel and some home furnishings.

As U.S. manufacturing of apparel began to move offshore we realized that in order to survive as a U.S. operation we had to find other applications for our fiber treatment technology. We began to work in the nonwovens industry to offer performance and value added treatment to the fiber.

The Cartersville location represents one of the three facilities operated by the Piana family.

our mission

Piana Nonwovens core competency is providing a product superior to PU foam.

We have the capability to work with all types of natural, synthetic, regenerated and recycled fibers. Our main application for nonwovens has been for fire retardancy of cellulosic fibers but we also work with fibers in all types of specialty applications.